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Wellness Travel: Guide to Spa Vacations

What’s a better way to relax on a honeymoon other than booking a pampering day at a luxurious spa? Of course, nothing tops a soothing experience that can refill your energy level and make you feel ultra-fresh and clear-minded. To add to your honeymoon ideas, we have gathered a list of places you can book spa treatments.  

Let’s get started! 

Spa in a Hotel 

Why stay in a five-star hotel, if you cannot steal a few self-care moments for yourself and your significant other? One way to enjoy some relaxing treatments on your honeymoon is by booking a hotel with a luxe spa. You will not even have to leave the hotel and might be able to bag some discounts with the room booking. 

Some of these hotels offer a special program tailored specifically for your health needs by choosing a custom exercise program and a medical report. You can literally spend all day at a hotel and still call it one of the best days of your honeymoon. 

Spa in a Cruise-Ship  

Bored with the usually confined rooms with the same old decors? Let’s introduce you to the spacious, luxe cruise spas with extraordinary ocean views. Don’t worry, they have all the necessary amenities the land spas hold, including saunas, steam rooms, and a long list of luxurious treatments. However, the best part of these spas is the location. It is always changing.  

You can have multiple treatments in the spa with different views. How often is this offered by a spa? Almost, never! This is one way you can surprise your significant other. They might never forget this experience in their lifetime. 

Spa in a Resort 

If you want a two-in-one kind of deal, a spa resort might be the one for you. With an endless list of massages, mani-pedis, facials, and a variety of soothing treatments to choose from, you might never want to end this phase of your honeymoon. These also offer group treatments known as “Journeys” where you can combine a major treatment with add-ons such as reflexology or scalp treatments.  

Don’t forget to mention to the staff that you are on your honeymoon, you might get complementary couple massages coupled with red wine. 

A Medical/Health Spa 

We all have to face some kind of medical condition in our lives one way or another. If this is the case currently with you or your spouse, let it not affect your desire of booking a spa on your honeymoon. That’s right. As people with health conditions might not be comfortable with treatments done at a regular spa, heath/medical spas were introduced. 

A team of doctors and nurses will run a few medical tests to identify issues and deficiencies. You might get prescribed a tailored diet, a few supplements, and an indulgent massage treatment. These treatments will not only provide you with relaxation but will also improve your health by eliminating toxins and bad habits. 

Spa and Wellness Retreats 

If your partner loves to lead a holistic style that can help you focus on rejuvenation of mind and body on top of a spa treatment, a wellness retreat might be your go-to option. The spa-menus in a wellness retreat might surprise you a bit with an array of expert-led classes and sessions on healthy eating, meditation, yoga, astrology, and sometimes, beekeeping. 

This is no doubt a great way to restore your energy and a chance to adopt a healthy lifestyle.  

Fitness Spas 

Not sure how can the two go along? Let us explain. If both of you are fitness freaks, this might sound like an amazing honeymoon idea to you. A full-fledged workout routine with detox menus free of caffeine, alcohol, and sugar, these spas are a happy place for fitness maniacs. After an intense workout day, you can swim in a heated swimming pool, have some me-time (or us-time) in a sauna, get traditional or international massages, or simply watch tv.  

These fitness spas can help you reach your weight goals while celebrating your honeymoon.  

Final Thoughts 

A honeymoon should not be only about going to fancy places, it should also make you feel relaxed and refreshed. And there is no better way to do that other than booking a luxurious spa. So, what are you waiting for? 

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